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08/15/2014: The Biomedical Imaging Technology
Center’s ( BITC ) Siemens 3T Trio TIM MR scanner will be
upgraded to 3T Magnetom Prisma.
The procedure will take place on October 8th to October 31st.
The scanner will not be available for all activities in this period.
Please mark your calendar and accomodate your researches. Regards,

BITC Administration.

BITC News and Announcements:
Aug. 15, 2014:BITC MR Scanner will upgrade
Aug. 4, 2014:Node8 will be taken off the cluster
Jul. 17, 2014:BITC 3T MR scanner down
May 15, 2014:[Solved] Cluster ran into READONLY today.
May 7, 2014:CSI-BITC cluster scheduled service
Apr. 25, 2014:Cygwin woes
Apr. 16, 2014:Pardon for slow program starting and file loading
Apr. 16, 2014:Node7 NFS re-routed
Feb. 27, 2014:Node25 and node26 out of order
Jan. 7, 2014:1599 Clifton Rd data center AC failure

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in the next 7 days
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Current BITC Cluster SGE load: 48.202%

Last modified: Fri Aug 15 14:58:17 2014.